I woke up in about 2002.

Before then I suffered from depression, was completely identified with my work as my source of happiness and was a social alcoholic. (You will get a better gist of where I was it you read a few of my poems from my teenage years).

I had a huge corporate breakdown, left my job, went travelling the world, and spent the next 5 or 6 years “finding myself” – but in hindsight I was really recreating myself.

So many synchronicities led me to this present moment! I am so glad I paid attention and followed them!

My mission is to assist witht he ascension of the Earth and Humanity by co-create a new human template – one with a Quantum Body and a Quantum Mind. And helps others do the same.

On one level I am working on myself. On a physical level becoming the fittest, strongest and healthiest fast-approaching 50 year old I can be. On a mental level that means having control of my thoughts and directing them consciously to create peace, love and happiness. On an emotional level that means not identifying with emotions and instead using them as a compass. On a spiritual level that means knowing we are all one, communing with my higher self, other multi-dimensional beings and Gaia, and connecting with others in a compassionate and non-judgmental way.

I have created an amazing peaceful, happy and healthy life in amidst the turmoil that is apparently happening elsewhere in the world (is it really I wonder sometimes?). And I feel I am helping others to create this in their own lives.

So in parallel I am helping others transform their lives through coaching, counselling and random interactions. My intention and imagining is to create a unique program/service/offering that encompasses all my learnings and experience in an authentic way in order to help others. I am excited about finding out what that looks like!

I have no clue where I am heading or what is going to happen. There are so many theories out there on what is happening in these earth-changing times. I just watch with interest and let my life unfold one step at a time.

It’s an amazing time to be alive and a hell of a ride.

My Services & Programs

As well as downloading cosmic information and translating it here, my mission is also to help other wake up and transform. I act as a bridge – as a transformational counsellor and coach I help people evolve and grow no matter what state of evolution they are in.

I have been helping people with their physical and mental health for many years now and my 5D and 3D worlds have now come together the serve the whole 🙂

I currently do this through my unique form of Intuitive Transformational Counselling and my 12 week program Healthy Body Happy Mind. Although what I do and how I do it are evolving at a rapid pace!

You can find out more about me and my services on my main website.