A Quantum Body is amazing. It defies all the current beliefs the collective has about health and ageing.

A quantum body knows that anything is possible and the only way to achieve its full potential is to question everything!

A Quantum Body is Controlled by a Quantum Mind

A Quantum Body is ultimately controlled by a Quantum Mind. The Quantum Mind actually perceives/creates the matter that is our physical form as a perfect mirror of our thinking.

By changing our thoughts we can change our body. We can reprogram our DNA, we can modify our bodily functions and we can change our cells. This takes intention, imagination and belief.

A Quantum Body can Heal and Regenerate

A Quantum Body functions perfectly and is always able to balance itself. It takes instructions from the Quantum Mind to be able to do this. The mind must KNOW that this is possible and must provide the corresponding beliefs and thoughts to make it so.

The Quantum Body can heal or regenerate from anything. The body is re-inserted into the Matrix as a new perception in every moment and this is how spontaneous remissions are possible.

Physical “laws” can be defied if the mind believes this to be so. Do you believe that your body can heal from toxins? bad food? EMF? The possibilities are only limited by our imagination and thoughts. The individual’s beliefs need to be stronger than the collective beliefs and intentions of those that created the “harmful” substance.

A Quantum Body Responds to the Environment

The effects of consciousness, the activities of the mind and the outcomes in matter are stored in every cell of the body via DNA. DNA is not fixed, but responds and evolves according to the environment. How could we have 99% of junk DNA? The body is far too clever and efficient to contain junk!

In addition, every possibility and potential is stored in our DNA and is awaiting activation by beliefs, thoughts, attitudes and actions. Our DNA is a trasnmitter – sending out the signl of WHO WE ARE to the universe – and also e receiver – waiting for use to receive that signal back into our body to be perceived as reality.

Once our attitude is mostly one of peace, love and happiness we vibrate at a higher level (good vibes!) and these higher frequencies of energy cannot resonate with lower frequency energies, so we are no longer affected by them.

A Quantum Body Defies Ageing

Historical documents suggest humans used to live for hundreds of years. Why do we think this is not true? If we changed our beliefs about ageing would it be possible to live longer?

The Quantum Body defies ageing. It continues to regenerate and replicate from the perfect blueprint that is contained within the DNA once it is activated.

Even the word “ageing” has negative connotations. Why not think about it as “youthing” instead and send instructions to your body to stay young, vibrant and well-functioning.