A quantum mind is not an ordinary mind. You might say it is an extraordinary mind.

A Quantum Mind is not Linear

We have been conditioned to think that A leads to B leads to C. We think that everything happens in a predictable and controllable order and that cause and effect is a linear arrangement that creates our existence.

Nothing could be further from the truth! Life is instead completely unpredictable and uncontrollable, and everything is linked to everything else in ways that we can simply not understand when we try to analyse it from a linear perspective.

A Quantum Mind synthesises information from disparate sources and identifies links between facts, events and situations that transcend linearity.

We live in a fractal universe where the smallest thing we can conceive of is similar in nature to the largest thing we can observe – as is everything in between.

A quantum mind can hold paradoxes that defy logic – such as how forcing things to happen actually pushes them away from us.

A Quantum Mind is Just a Tool

Human beings have a habit of identifying with their thoughts as if they are reality, but a Quantum Mind knows thoughts are not reality – it understands it just provides one perspective of reality from among infinite possible perspectives.

In any one moment there are a vast number of happenings and we only observe and record those that we have our awareness on through conditioning or choice. The brain can only process a few variables at a time so what we “see” in each moment is such a small part of what actually happened that our memories are basically irrelevant.

And history is therefore only facts agreed upon and not some concrete and unchangeable reality.

The Quantum Mind is balanced between left and right brain. It understands that right brain functions such as intuition and “knowing” are vitally important, and that the genius of the left brain logic is only possible when melded with right brain functions, and when aligned with the higher self .

Imagination is the primary tool the Quantum Mind uses to create a new reality.

A Quantum Mind Creates Reality

A Quantum Mind realises its primary role is the creation of reality. We all stand at this point in time with infinite possibilities to choose from. Most of us continue to relive our past over and over again through our conditioning, without every considering that there is another way to function in life.

To create a new reality we need open our mind and our heart, throw away our memories and fears and change the way we think and therefore perceive.

Everything that we perceive – our body, others, the environment, situations – stems from our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and actions.

Everything that occurs in our lives and in our world can be linked back to an individual or collective thought pattern.  The Quantum Mind understands it is a tool used to create reality.

The Quantum Mind creates the character and behaviour of a person. Personality is not set in stone and can be changed – when the underlying thoughts themselves are changed.

A Quantum Mind is Under Control

To be an effective tool the Quantum Mind must be under the complete control of consciousness. The soul using the mind needs to be able to control thoughts so that they can consciously create reality.

By controlling the mind you can control reality – it just takes some time for reality to “catch up”. This is the joy of the human experience – if everything was instantly manifested there would be no journey to understanding we are all pieces of God.

Very few people can control their minds! Human minds are contaminated with cultural beliefs and attitudes that continue to create the same reality over and over again without any awareness whatsoever.

Whereas one in control of their mind can imagine a new world into existence. And the more people who imagine the same world provide more power for that imagining to be perceived/created at a global level.

A Quantum Mind sees the Mirror

A Quantum Mind understands that the world around them is a mirror of the mind’s content.

Therefore every situation or person that triggers them (either positive or negative) is an opportunity to further refine and control the mind. Every happening is linked back to a belief or thought and once these are modified, the world changes around them and reflects back a new version based on the new thoughts or beliefs.

Every feeling reveals something important that needs to be modified in order for peace to be created.

A Quantum Mind understands that by creating inner peace, outer peace is eventually created.