I have been drawn to many different spiritual/personal growth teachings over the past decades – I have tended to flit from one to the other and never spend too much time with each – but the Gene Keys transmissions from Richard Rudd have captured my attention in a big way, and they feel like something I can invest my time in for great reward.

I have stepped away from teachings that promise a guaranteed path or an external expert to guide you, but the Gene Keys simply provide a framework for your own personal path to unfold. My path is very much about accessing my own inner wisdom so this is perfect for me. Add the fact that I was obsessed with DNA and genes from about the age of 14 makes it perfectly universally designed for me.

My Gene Keys Profile

I have been studying the Gene Keys for a few months – mostly through the book and free Webinars – but recently I invested in The Activation Sequence , The Venus Sequence & The Pearl Sequence online courses to dig deeper into the material.