3D v 5D Duality and the 3 Steps of Ascension

This is my first YouTube Video 🙂 In this video I offer my thoughts on the difference between 3D and 5D duality, and relate these to the 3 steps of ascension explained in one of Magenta Pixie’s recent videos.

Here is the audio transcript:

Recently I saw a video by Magenta Pixie which was on the 3 steps of ascension and that really inspired me to do my own video because I felt like I had my own way of looking at what she was talking about, that I thought might be helpful to others.

You can view her video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysRSoJHUX74

So the first thing I want to do is talk about the difference between 3D and 5D, in terms of how duality is different between these 2 dimensions. 3D and 5D still both work on duality but in very different ways.

And then what I am going to do is apply the differences between 3D and 5D to Magenta Pixie’s 3 steps of ascension, to provide ideas to help others move through the 3 steps more quickly or easily. Because some of the steps are quite challenging if you have seen her video.

So let’s talk about the difference between 3D and 5D and my way of perceiving duality in these 2 dimensions.

In 3D we have a duality that is “inside” and “outside”. In our universe everything must be balanced mathematically and energetically, so for something “good” to exist, there must be something “bad” that exists, because otherwise how would we know the “good”?

If we talk about this mathematically we might say inside we have a +1, and outside we have a -1. And in terms of a whole universe that balances.

An example is the +1 which is inside is “I am an honest person” – what we might see as a positive trait. On the outside (the -1) we have “someone outside is dishonest”, so for us to know ourselves as honest, someone outside of us has to be dishonest.

We can also have this around the other way which is really interesting, so let’s say we have a -2 inside us, and a +2 outside of us. Now we have the “negative” trait inside of us.

As an example – feeling inadequate, we might see that as a negative trait. But in order for us to feel inadequate in ourselves, there has to be something outside of us that is adequate to balance everything.

Every aspect that we have inside of us must be balanced by something outside of us, and I think that is important to understand as a Law of the Universe.

This is “unconscious projection” – we own the aspects inside us, but we deny the aspects outside of us, and in denying them we project them onto the outside world so that the universe is balanced.

So let’s relate this to the what we might see as the “evil” or “darkness” that is becoming more obvious in our 3D reality at the moment. These are all negative traits that have been projected outside of us.

So as an example I might say I would never perpetrate a crime against a child. But what that means is that it has to be projected outside and somebody has to perpetrate that crime. So you can see how when we judge something as “bad” or “good” outside of us that we don’t own, it must exist outside. I’m going to come back to this later when we talk about how we can work through Magenta’s 3 steps.

Let’s look at 5D now. 5D also exists in terms of duality, but there is a big difference in that all of the archetypes and aspects of ourselves exist inside us. There’s nothing projected outside of us.

So let’s start with an easy example. I feel inadequate (the -2) is inside me, but the opposite of that (the +2) “I am adequate” is inside me as well. SO instead of me having to project what I don’t believe about myself onto the outside world, I simply get to choose.

And it’s the same when we look at a positive – (the +1) I already own “I am an an honest person” but dishonesty is something I also own (the -1) but instead of disowning it, projecting it and judging it I am just not choosing dishonesty as something I want for the 5D Earth. And we’re not saying it’s “bad” or there’s something wrong with it, it’s just a matter of “conscious choice”.

There is a different energy when we own all the possible human traits and aspects. 3D is completely about judgement and shoving the things you think are “bad” outside yourself. Whereas 5D is saying “I am all of it. I am everything. This is part of the human experience and I can choose whatever I want.”

I can choose the “positive” or I can choose the “negative” It’s totally up to me and what I choose could be context and situation specific.

In 5D we own everything inside us and we know we can choose and that is really what being a sovereign being is.

So let’s apply this now to Magenta’s 3 steps of ascension and I will go through these briefly for those who haven’t seen her video:

The first step is to look at, acknowledge and dare to delve into some of the things we might think of as conspiracy theories out there at the moment. Whether they be vaccines, crimes against children, trafficking, technologies we don’t want – whatever it is we have deemed to be evil or satanic in some way or of the New World Order, we have to find within ourselves to look at those things. A lot of people are trying to stay in this place of “love and light” and saying everything is fine and not looking at those things that are going on and in a way that is just continuing to perpetuate them and create them.

The second step is that we have to not consent – and there is a very subtle difference between not consenting in 3D and 5D which I’ll come back to. But it’s basically saying “no” to the way things are at the moment and we want them to be different for the New Earth.

The third step is finding love and compassion for those we see as criminals or who we see as evil which I think could be a hard step for a lot of people and I’m hoping that this way of looking at things might give some people a way to find love and compassion, because I understand it can be quite challenging.

So let’s talk about the first step – which is we have to find a way to look at what’s going on outside us in the 3D reality, because there’s a lot of negatives revealing themselves that we perhaps don’t want to acknowledge. So why should we do that?

The reason we would do this is because whatever we judge and project outside of us in 3D is disowned and because we’ve disowned it, because we’ve said we could never be like that, I could never choose that, we can’t shift into 5D because we haven’t owned it so that we can choose or not choose it.

Every time we get triggered, and we get triggered by the disowned aspects we have projected outside of us, and so we know when we are triggered by something that we have disowned it. This becomes our “work”. The work is to find a way to own that trait – not choose it, not say that it’s good – but just to understand it is part of the human experience and in our move into the new 5D Earth we have to understand that is part of us. This is what “integrating” something means.

When you integrate something it can feel traumatic and painful. Let’s go back to the “negative” trait of “I’m inadequate” as an example, with the “positive” projected outside of us of someone else is adequate. When it’s a positive projected outside of us it’s easier to integrate in a way because there’s a part of us that wants to be adequate and have that positive trait. Integrating that trait often means childhood memories, strong emotions or trauma coming up that made us feel inadequate in the past. And we have to work our way through all that and come to the decision that actually we are adequate. When we integrate that and pull that inside us (as we would in 5D) then we have the power to choose. I can choose to be adequate or inadequate depending on the situation and the context.

It can be painful to relive the trauma and memories that led to the projection of a seemingly “positive” trait, but once it is done it is very empowering and we stop being triggered by people outside who appear to be more adequate.

So it’s fine when you are working with owning these projected “positive” traits, but when looking at owning a “negative” trait outside of us it’s much harder because we’re saying “I could never be that.” This is why this is so challenging, because it’s hard to consider that you might be saying that a crime against a child is OK and that evil is OK. And this is the difficult part – so how can we do that?

The way to do this is to use Magenta’s third step which is to have love and compassion. And I’ve got a way of looking at this that really helped me find compassion for people who were doing the worst crimes.

What I realised is that I’m the one projecting outside. I’m the one that’s saying they’re wrong or bad. And when I take responsibility for that I realise that by me saying that something is wrong or bad, someone outside of me MUST take on those aspects. It’s Law. We can’t get rid of energy. We can’t get rid of the flipside of what I’ve created.

So when I first realised this I started to feel quite sick. I started thinking “Are you saying because I disowned a crime, that I could never do that, that means someone else had to do the crime?” And in a way that’s how it works for everything to balance. And I actually found when I took that responsibility feeling extreme compassion for these people and situations outside of myself who had to be who I decided I didn’t want to be.

That really helped me to accept this and say “I see now that it’s all happening because of my internal world so the only thing I can do is change my internal world. The only way I can change anything outside is to change inside, and the only way I can change inside is to own every aspect so that on the New Earth we can have conscious choice.”

So I hope that’s been helpful in terms of step 3 and how to find compassion for those we think of as evil. So let’s talk about the step 2 which is “I do not consent.”

“I do not consent” has a very different feel when it’s given in a 3D way or a 5D way. When we are coming from a 3D way we are basically saying that what is projected outside of us “bad”. “I do not consent to this because this is bad and this is wrong.” That is an energy of OUTRAGE. So in a way, being outraged and angry is simply perpetuating it, because we are still not owning it.

So, instead if we can find a place to not consent form a 5D place, which is about conscious choice, we are not saying anything is wrong, we are just saying “I don’t choose this anymore.” We are taking back our ability to be sovereign and choose what we want to create this New Earth, which is really why we are here. We are here to be the fingers of God, to create.

So instead of saying “I do not consent to these negative aspects”, we are saying “I do not consent to this 3D experiment anymore. I do not consent to this because I do not want to project things outside of myself and have somebody else have to be those things.”

There is a very different energy to not consent to the whole 3D structure, as opposed to not consenting to certain traits or aspects that are out there.

I think this is where we are going, and what we are all doing. We are integrating all of the aspects so we take ownership and we’re responsible, and when we get to that point we can consciously choose, out of all those traits that we have now owned, what we want on the New Earth.

This is why 3D is so “dense” and slow to create in – because it contains so many projections. And this is why 5D is “light” and we will be able to instantly manifest – because it does not contain projections, only choices.

So I hope this was helpful to someone. It certainly helped me to work through things this way.