As Above, So Below

I wrote this story in a state of complete flow in a few hours. I have split this story up into pages to make it easier to read.

Part 2 of this story (A Time to be Born, a Time to Die) is now also available.

And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.


The Mother Stem Cell was confused. What was happening? She had been enjoying herself relaxing with friends when suddenly her whole being felt quite strange – she felt like she was being pulled apart in all directions. Before she could comprehend what was happening, from amongst this chaos she fractured and divided in a way she could not explain, and she saw that she had become 2 cells.

She was scared because she had never felt like this before, but at some level she knew this was something she was supposed to be doing.

She felt the pull again and she divided once more, and then once more again her being fractured and split in half. Then the dividing stopped all on its own and she was still once again.

She looked around herself proudly – somehow she had birthed 7 more beautiful cells just like her! These new innocent young cells looked at her expectantly and she felt so much love for them!

She had no idea why or how she had created these new cells but she knew she had to take care of them for a while until they found their own way.

From chaos and confusion she had birthed new life, and even though she could not understand what had happened she knew this was her destiny.

She felt satisfied and at peace.

She felt grateful and blessed.

But most of all she felt extremely loved.


From this chaos and confusion Rosie was born.

She was not alone – she was created along with 6 brother and sister cells.

Although she was now in a strange place that she could not understand she felt safe and secure because she was with her Mother and her family. One day she asked her mother what she was doing here and her mother replied cryptically “Nobody knows. Only time will tell. One day you will just know what you are supposed to do.”

“How will I know?” Rosie asked curiously.

“You will just KNOW.”

Time passed and Rosie loved looking after her family. She felt so blessed by how her mother cared for and nurtured her, so she did the same for her brothers and sister. It made her feel so valued.

She noticed that her siblings were all changing in unique ways and she delighted in seeing how they were growing and she appreciated and nurtured their individual gifts and talents. She felt a sense of pride and belonging and hoped that this would never change because it felt so good to be a part of this family.

Once day she noticed her brother Paul looking a bit anxious.

“Are you OK?” she asked Paul.

“I have to leave.” Paul said simply.

Rosie became very distressed. “What are you talking about? We are a family and we should stay together! Who will look after you?”

Paul sat silently for a moment because he knew how important the family was to Rosie.

“I can’t really explain,” he said. “But I know I have to go. I feel like I have been called to a place that is far away. I don’t know exactly where I am going or what I will do when I get there. I just KNOW I have to go that way.”

Paul pointed to the flowing Great Red Road that they travelled on to get food and water.

Rosie looked scared. They had only ever been on short trips on the Red Road and only ever with their Mother. She pleaded and pleaded with him not to go. But Paul jumped on to the Red Road and was gone.

Rosie cried and cried.

How would she know he was OK? How would she help him if he got into trouble?

She ran back to Mother “Paul has gone! How will we get him to come back home where it is safe and we can look after him?”

Her Mother gave her a big hug and said “Paul knew it was time to go and fulfil his destiny. One day you too will know what you are to do.”

“But I thought my destiny was to care for my family like you do and keep them safe and all together.” Rosie sobbed.

“Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. Only time will tell… Everything is exactly as it should be so there is no point fighting against it.”

This did not make Rosie feel any better.

Time went on and Rosie found her family growing further apart and she felt sad and alone. One of her sisters Veronica left on the Great Red Road. Then another one of her other sisters Martha suddenly changed and nobody else in the family could understand what had happened to her as she no longer behaved normally. Rosie and her remaining siblings tried to communicate with her but it was like she was in her own little world. Rosie desperately tried to help her to be more normal but it was such a struggle as they couldn’t communicate properly. Martha’s situation caused great stress for Rosie and occupied a lot of her time.

Life went on and in time Rosie started to feel a strange gentle pull. It was a quiet voice in her head: “Bend.” it said.

“I don’t know what that is or what it means,” Rosie said to herself, “but I don’t have time for it now. I have to look after my family and make sure they are all OK.”

“Straighten.” the voice also sometimes said in the background.

Usually she ignored the voice but on a few occasions she did listen to it and once or twice she even did what it said just out of curiosity. When she did what the voice said it actually felt quite good to Bend or Straighten, but she didn’t understand why she should listen to it and she didn’t have time for it. Anyway, wasn’t it selfish to just do things that make you feel good?

Especially when her family needed her so badly.


Rosie was desperately unhappy.

Her Mother Stem Cell had been getting old and wasn’t functioning as well as she used to. Rosie was at her side crying when she passed on and the family released her on her final journey on the Great Red Road.

Now that her Mother was no longer with them Rosie has taken on her mother’s role in caring for her family. She was looking after her family as a priority – trying to keep the remaining siblings together – so she stopped looking after herself and her cell body started to breakdown and she felt terrible.

She had been praying every night for help for her family and then one day Junie showed up. “Hi” Junie said to Rosie. “How can I help you?”

Rosie was perplexed. Junie was a strange looking large, clear cell – she had never seen one like her before. “Who are you? What are you doing here?” Rosie asked.

“I am a White Cell” Junie said. “When other cells are sick or unhappy I answer their calls for help and do whatever I can to assist them to find their way.”

“How did you find me?” Rosie asked.

“I’m not really sure how it all works.” Junie said. “Sometimes I just KNOW I have to go somewhere. So I just set off on the Great Red Road and I end up exactly where I’m supposed to be. So today I am supposed to be here with you.”

“What do you do? How do you help cells?” Rosie asked Junie.

“Well, I talk to the sick or unhappy cells and try to help them see things differently so that they are no longer sick and unhappy and can instead fulfil their destiny. There are a lot of very sick cells around here these days.”

Junie could see Rosie looked confused.

“Let me give you an example. Yesterday I was called to help Beth. Beth is a liver cell, but she was brought up in a family with a beautiful sister epithelial cell and a very clever brother brain cell. So Beth felt ugly and worthless. She was very depressed and because of that she was not being a very effective liver cell.”

“So” Junie continued, “I helped her see that she was actually very special and unique and could do amazing things that her siblings could never do. She is so clever that she can actually remove toxins from the environment so other cells don’t get sick from them! How amazing is that!! Once Beth realised this she started feeling much better about herself and then she was able to start fulfilling her destiny as a very special liver cell.”

“Wow! That’s amazing!” Rosie exclaimed.

Junie smiled “So why don’t you tell me what’s going on with you?”

Rosie couldn’t believe that someone was here to help her! So she told Junie the whole story about her Mother, Paul, Veronica and Martha and how she felt helpless and angry at how the family had been pulled apart and how she was desperately trying to bring them all back together.

After she had finished venting Junie asked her gently, “Have you ever heard about God?”

Rosie looked confused. Her Mother had mentioned God as being the creator of their world. She said that when cell bodies connected to God they were more peaceful, happy and had a sense of purpose. Her Mother had also taught her to pray to God to ask for help so she had diligently been asking God to keep her family safe and help bring them back together.

“Yes… I have heard about God, but I don’t think God is listening to me.” Rosie started to get angry. “If God is the creator then he has broken up my family and I am very angry at him!”

Junie gave Rosie a few minutes to calm down. “Have you heard that God has a great plan for us all?”

“Yes…” Rosie said.

“So how do you know it is in God’s plan for your family to be together and for you to look after them?”

That made Rosie angry. “But they’re my family! Of course I have to look after them! Why would God not want me to look after my family!!!”

“God works in mysterious and strange ways” Junie said calmly. “The question is…not has God been listening to you, but have you been listening to God?”

Rosie thought about it. “Sometimes I hear this quiet voice.”

“What does it say?” asked Junie.

“It tells me to Bend and Straighten.” Rosie replied.

“Have you ever done what it asked you to do?”

“Once or twice” Rosie said.

“How did it feel?”

Rosie reflected “It felt good. Nice. But I could only do it for a few seconds at a time. It was very hard.”

Junie nodded. “Yes, it is hard. Because you can only hear God in the silence between your own thoughts. So when you listen to your own thoughts you can’t hear God.” Junie paused and then asked, “When you were silent and listened to God’s voice did you feel any suffering?”

“No…” Rosie said but she suddenly felt defensive. “But I don’t think I can allow myself to be that selfish when I have my family to look after. How can I just go and do things that make me feel good when I have to keep everyone together and make sure they are all happy!”

“The thing is” Junie said. “You really don’t know what should happen with your family. Only God knows. God has a plan for everyone, and the irony is when we listen to God’s voice and do what we feel called to do – what feels good – then we are actually fulfilling our destiny and contributing to the betterment of everyone in ways we often don’t fully understand until afterwards. And sometimes we never understand why we were called to do something.”

Junie paused for a moment and continued thoughtfully. “In fact… if what we are trying to do is a struggle and causes us suffering then it most likely ISN’T part of God’s plan… These actions are instead based on our own thoughts and our own need to try to control things to go the way we think they should go.”

Rosie trusted Junie but this advice seemed impossible!

“But what about Martha?” she yelled “How will she ever be happy if don’t look after her!”

Junie gently answered. “Do you think that a nerve cell can ever understand what truly makes a blood vessel cell happy?”

“And what about Paul?” Rosie continued her outburst. “I haven’t heard from him for ages and I don’t think he is happy.  I can’t just go around being all warm, fuzzy and happy when I know he needs me and I have to get him to come back home with the family!”

Junie smiled knowingly. ”And what place would a kidney cell have in a thumb?”


24 year old Tom walked pensively into the Doctor’s office and sat down quietly.

“Doctor, is there anything at all you can do to help me?”

6 months ago Tom’s thumb had stopped working. It was like it had become disconnected from the rest of his body. Despite all of his willpower his thumb was now totally limp and he could not get it to bend and straighten. Apparently he had a problem with a nerve in his thumb.

The doctor looked intently at Tom.

“We have tried everything. We have tried medication, injections and exploratory surgery. We even tried nerve stimulation.” The Doctor said.

Tom looked downcast. Ever since the thumb problem he had put his life on hold. He was only young and he had so many dreams that he now thought he could never follow. He couldn’t work. He was depressed and he felt his future looked bleak. How could he ever be useful without a working thumb? And who would ever want a relationship with someone who had a limp thumb?

“But,” The Doctor continued. “I have a crazy idea. This is not something I would normally suggest to my patients but since we have tried everything else…”

“What is it Doctor? I’ll do anything!” Tom felt some hope.

“You’re a dog lover aren’t you?” The Doctor asked cautiously.

“Yes?” Tom said slightly confused.

“Let me ask you something that may seem a little strange…” The Doctor said. “How do you feel about your thumb?”

Tom felt his frustrations and anger rising. “Well I HATE my thumb. It is useless and won’t do what it should be able to do. It has ruined my life and I will never forgive it!”

“Hmmm… That’s what I thought.” The Doctor sat pondering while Tom stewed silently.

The Doctor continued “If you had a puppy and it was misbehaving and wasn’t doing what you wanted it to do, how would you treat it?”

Tom looked quizzically at The Doctor.

“Well I would train it. I would give it lots of positive feedback and treats when it did what I wanted it to do”

“Would you ever become angry at, or hate the puppy for misbehaving?”

“No of course not!” Tom said passionately. “Puppies just want to be loved. When they are cared for and encouraged and nurtured they will do anything to please you. You can’t train a puppy with hate!”

“So why would you treat a misbehaving puppy differently than a misbehaving thumb?” questioned The Doctor.

“And more importantly, why would you expect your thumb to respond positively to hate when a puppy wouldn’t?


After Junie’s visit Rosie felt a bit calmer. She started considering the fact that perhaps it might not be her destiny to keep her family together. Could it be true that there was something else she was supposed to be doing?

She was terrified at what might happen if she let go of that belief.

She really struggled with how to let go of her programmed thoughts and expectations about how she thought her life – and her family members’ lives – should be, and instead listen to God.

But Junie had suggested a technique that might help. Just breathe. In and Out.

When the thoughts that lead to strong emotions and suffering come up just let them pass and focus on breathing. Try to quiet the mind so that God’s voice can be heard.

She practiced and practiced and then one day she heard it. She heard the voice.

“Bend” the voice said.

She suddenly felt so alive and so sure of herself.

So she bent.

The membrane of her cell was covered in goose bumps and she felt amazing! It felt so good! She now KNEW what her Mother was talking about. This was her destiny!

“Straighten” the voice said.

So she straightened.

Her cell body was tingling with joy. She felt deeply peaceful and happy for the first time she could ever remember.

And then suddenly everything was so clear.

She was a nerve cell in a thumb! This was her special and unique role in life! This was what she was here to do! It was a miracle!

She felt satisfied and at peace.

She felt grateful and blessed.

But most of all she felt extremely loved.


Tom could hardly contain himself when he was called into the Doctor’s office 2 weeks later.

“Doc! Watch this!”

Tom hovered his hand over the doctor’s desk and in one smooth movement he picked a pen up off the desk.

“Wow!” The Doctor was shocked!

Tom then did a ‘thumbs up’ – something he had not been able to do for a long time!

“That’s a miracle!” said the Doctor. “What happened?”

“Well after my last visit I really thought about what you said… About how I would treat a misbehaving puppy. And I realised I was doing the opposite with my misbehaving thumb!”

“So… it may sound a little crazy…” Tom rather reluctantly continued, “… but I treated my thumb like a puppy!”

“I loved my thumb! I told it how wonderful it was! Told it how important it was in my life and how we belonged together.”

“Then it started twitching! So I kept talking to it and I encouraged it and told it how awesome it was doing. I even gave it rubs like I would a puppy.”

“And now… well it’s completely back to normal!”

The Doctor was amazed. He could not explain how he had come to suggest this advice to Tom. He had never taken this approach with any patient before, and after his session with Tom he had questioned whether it was the right thing to do. But now he knew why! He had followed his intuition – something he rarely did – and it had paid off! He had helped create a miracle!

The Doctor then remembered something else – he picked up a piece of paper from the desk. “Guess what?” he said. “It’s not just your thumb that has gotten better. Your blood tests came back today and your liver levels are now also completely back to normal!”

Tom and The Doctor looked at each other in awe.

Eventually The Doctor asked “Well what are you going to do now, Tom? You have the use of your thumb back, you have a healthy liver and you don’t need to keep coming back here…”

“Well Doc, it’s interesting that you ask that.” Tom replied excitedly. “There is something I have wanted to do for ages, something I thought I would never be able to do because of my thumb… I’m going to Madagascar! I have booked my ticket for tomorrow!”


“I don’t know why I’m going there or what I will do when I get there but I KNOW I have to go! I am a little scared but I know it’s important that I go!”

And so, Tom’s Thumb taught him the gift of how to follow his heart.

He felt satisfied and at peace.

He felt grateful and blessed.

But most of all he felt extremely loved.


3,160 year old DOuG was looking into the Terrarium completely mesmerised.

32 years ago he had been made custodian of The World of the Sons.

It was a fully self-contained sealed universe containing a blue and green sphere teeming with life. The World had existed for aeons – from well before he was born – and had been passed down through his family line to tend and care for.

However, when he had been given The World by his Father it was in a bit of a sad state!

When his Grandmother EeDEN had looked after the World many rotations ago The World was glorious! It was covered in beautiful gardens. There was abundant food and water for the Sons and all the Sons worked together in harmony to keep The World beautiful.

Whoever tended The World could communicate telepathically with the Sons and their main job was to send messages to the Sons to act on so that The World could be maintained. The Sons could not see the big picture themselves and so they didn’t know what needed to be done, so it was his family’s job to help maintain The World by telepathy. The World Carer could not actually DO anything for the Sons because The World was sealed off.

All was going really well with EeDEN in the Terrarium back then but when The World was placed in the care of his father SAiTAN things changed!

SAiTAN had decided to see what would happen if he didn’t help the Sons as much as his Mother had done. He thought he would see if they could work out what to do themselves, and needless to say his experiment created some problems in The World.

First of all the Sons started fighting against each other and great wars took place. None of the Sons knew their place in The World so they all became afraid just trying to work out how to survive.

Then the beautiful gardens disappeared as the Sons used the resources for food without any thought of maintaining them for the future. The Sons created strange concoctions to eat instead of the gardens but those things didn’t nourish their bodies and they became sick.

Water became scarce and contaminated as the Sons had changed the landscape of The World by destroying the gardens.

The Sons also developed some strange and dysfunctional technologies! They created pieces of paper they got from chopping down the trees in the garden to barter for resources, but then all they did was hoard the paper! When they started to run out of trees they put the paper value into some type of electronic storage system and then they used this to buy and sell resources. DOuG found this so strange because from his perspective he could easily see that there was enough for all the Sons.

The Sons also forgot about the amazing healing self-sustaining powers of their bodies and instead started using chemicals to try to fix things when all they needed was love and care!

The Sons more recently had also covered The World in wires and towers to communicate with each other because they had forgotten that they could communicate telepathically.

SAiTAN’s experiment had provided a great learning for the family, they knew now that they must help the Sons to maintain The World. That was their destiny.

So DOuG now took on the responsibility of nursing the Sons and The World back to prefect health. It was a challenging but satisfying job. Over the last 32 years he had gotten to know all the Sons individually and come to love them all. He knew each of their talents and gifts and had developed a long term plan as to how to place the Sons in groups around The World to have the most impact.

He also had to teach the Sons to communicate with him again. It had been so long since the messages of EeDEN that many Sons had never communicated telepathically before. DOuG would try to send them messages but the Sons would either not hear, or they would hear and not act because they didn’t understand what his voice was.

But persistence was paying off and one by one the Sons were starting to listen and act. He was slowly making headway and many Sons were being sent to various places to meet other Sons so that they could use their gifts together to make the much needed changes to heal each other and The World.

Today DOuG was particularly happy and excited because one of the Sons, Tom, had listened to him for the first time. He saw great potential in Tom but Tom had been too immersed in suffering due to a problem with his Thumb. DOuG would get so frustrated! He could easily see how Tom’s thumb could be healed and eventually he was cleverly able to get Tom’s Doctor to pass on his messages to initiate Tom’s healing. It was a miracle!

So today Tom was flying to Madagascar! DOuG wanted Tom to meet Nancy in Madagascar because he knew that together they could build an amazing detoxification plant that would cleanse The World’s water. So now DOuG had a challenge: How was he going to get Tom to meet Nancy when he arrived? How could he make that happen? DOuG loved the problem solving that he had to use to heal The World! It made him so happy when it worked!

And so the Sons of DOuG were in great hands once again and DOuG knew that this was his destiny.

He felt satisfied and at peace.

He felt grateful and blessed.

But most of all he felt extremely loved.

God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.

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