Becoming a Quantum Human – The Illusion of Choice

This is the first video in my series on becoming the new quantum human where I compare how a life skill is used for the old 3D human template and the new 5D template.

In this episode I explore the concept of choice – and how we make decisions will change.

Do our choices actually change anything?

Here is the audio transcript.

Today I’m starting a new video series called Becoming a New Quantum Human.

What I’m going to do in each episode is pick a skill and describe how I see it as different between the current 3D human template and the new 5D human  template. Today I’m going to look at choice or decision making.

When we look at the current paradigm about making a choice basically it looks like this: you’re going along with your life and then for some reason you hit a point where you are going to make a decision. (This looks like a line branching into 2 lines). Generally there will be 2 options and it’s a very linear way of looking at decision making.

Whereas in the 5D quantum world we know that’s it’s not linear. Instead we see ourselves as being in a moment, and in each moment we have infinite possibilities of what could happen in the next moment. (This looks like a point with multiple lines radiating out from it).

We then follow a timeline and go to the next moment, and in that moment we also have infinite possibilities about what could happen next, and then on and on to the next moments. Basically we see our lives as a series of moments, and within each of these moments we have infinite possibility as to what could happen next. This is a very quantum way of looking at choice.

If you look at 3D choice making there are moments – the whole “line” of our life is actually a series of moments, but we don’t see ourselves as having any influence or control over those moments, in fact we just let them happen.

We could say that in the string of moments we are just running a program, which is an unconscious way of being, instead of seeing there is infinite potential in each moment.

When we look at 3D choices we think they just happen. We think we are just being faced with some type of Moment of Truth that’s come into our life for whatever reason, where we then have to make a decision.

Whereas in the 5D world, we realise that everything has a reason, and in fact this moment of decision has come to us based on our frequency – our frequency being our inner world. When we look at it form that perspective we can see that in each moment we are putting out a frequency, and the next moment is being drawn to us based on our frequency. That is what could be called the Law of Attraction – that whatever happens that we perceive in the outside world must match our inner frequency. Whereas in 3D we are saying that stuff just happens.

If everything happens for a reason, then what’s the reason? We said it’s frequency, but there’s a bigger picture than that, and that is that life is continually evolving and expanding, so we might say if we have been given a choice point in 5D it’s because it is mirroring something to us in our inside world – it is showing us a mismatch between our current version of self and our desired version of self.

The universe is showing us that this mismatch exists so we can do something about it. In other words something is ready to change.

Another difference is that in 3D we think it’s our choices that create our future. As an example if we don’t like our job our choice might be do I stay in my current job, or do I go to a new job? That is a typical Moment of Truth, where you feel that whatever decision you make will create your future. So we put a lot of importance on our choices. We are always second guessing and doubting and wondering what would have happened if I made a different choice.

This is where the 5D explanation of decision making is completely different and can help us see things from a different perspective. IN 5D we realise that choice is an illusion. Yes! It’s an illusion!

It’s an illusion because it doesn’t matter what we choose. Whatever we choose is going to be a new moment that perfectly mirrors our frequency. This means that decision making almost becomes obsolete.

To explain this further, let’s go back to the job we talked about before. I think I am on a linear timeline and I am wondering do I get a new job or stay where I am? The frequency that we transmit that pulls the next moment to us is based on our inner world – our beliefs, thoughts and emotions.

When we are faced with a new choice – and it is because it mirrors a mismatch between our current and desired self – it is actually showing us a limited or faulty belief system that needs to be healed.

So in the case of the job, the choice may be being presented to us because we have a belief system that we are not worthy, or feel inadequate, or there’s something wrong with us. And that has us looking outside of ourselves to try to solve that (another job).

But the thing is if we have that belief system it doesn’t matter whether we stay in the current job or take the new job. Whatever choice we make will reflect that frequency. We could stay in the existing job and it could stay the same. We could take the new job and we could end up with the same type of dynamics playing out as we had in the old job. The decision becomes irrelevant and we can see that thinking we are changing our future through our choices doesn’t really work.

If we look at it from the quantum level, we instead become aware that we are being presented with a mismatch because I’m feeling a pull towards taking a new job, and asking what that means. If we then take the opportunity to look at our inner world and what this might mean about our belief system and the opportunity to heal that, we might realise that we have a feeling that we are inadequate in our current job.

What we decide to do instead of making a decision, is to change our belief system to knowing that we are adequate and capable, and what happens is when we switch our inner world we put out a new frequency so we pull a different moment towards us.

So in that case if you were to stay in the existing job it could change – for example a promotion could come. There are many things that could happen in that job to mirror your new frequency. And if you take the new job it could work out to be better – better pay, or more rewarding in some way. Once again in a way the choice is irrelevant. What really mattered was changing our inner world or our frequency to pull a different moment towards us.

What this means is, instead of having all these expectations about our choices and how they are going to impact our future, we realise that we can’t expect anything. We don’t know what’s going to happen. All we know is it’s going to match our frequency, so instead we come with an attitude of surprise.

I can influence the moments that are going to be pulled towards me by changing my inner world, and changing my frequency, but what is actually going to happen – the moment that is going to be pulled towards me – is going to be a complete surprise.

It’s like the poker machine theory where if you keep putting money in the machine and you win every time it becomes a bit boring. Whereas if it’s a surprise as to if you do win, and when you win, then you just keep doing it. That’s the same way life works.

Instead of trying to control our future and control our life – which we can’t actually do, even by making decisions – we surrender to this amazing process of creating our life, moment by moment based on our inner world.

To summarise, the take home point from this, is the whole concept of free-will. DO we really have free-will? In 3D we think we have free-will because we’re able to make different choices, but we have just seen that we don’t really. It doesn’t matter what we choose – the same outcome will eventuate, it might look a bit different.

In 5D decision making we realise that our free-will is about our frequency. We have the free-will to put out any frequency that we want. We can put out a positive frequency, a negative frequency, we can do work on ourselves to change our frequency, and we understand that’s where we have influence, that’s where we have control, and that’s where we can change our future.

So yes, we do have free-will because we can influence things, but we certainly can’t control it through our choices.

I hope that that’s given you a new way to think about choice, and to consider the infinite possibilities that we’re surrounded by, and how we can change our inner world to change our frequency to influence our future. I think that’s such a creative way to look at decision making as opposed to the current 3D model of control through the power of choice that doesn’t really seem to exist.

Thanks very much for watching and I’ll talk to you next time.