Changing Beliefs is the Shortcut

Changing our beliefs is the fastest way to long-term, sustainable internal and external change.

We can change behaviours, thoughts and even feelings – but unless we get to the underlying belief the changes may not be permanent.

Everything has to be in alignment.

Our beliefs drive our thoughts, which in turn drive our attitudes, feelings, ideas and imaginings.

The combination of all of these instruct our physical bodies what to transmit via our DNA.

This transmission from our body then attracts physical matter to mirror our inner world via the Law of Attraction.

If we are not in alignment, then we send out mixed messages – something like a train with an engine on each end going in opposite directions.

As an example:

“I am going to make more money in my new job. I am excited about this new job.”

but there is an underlying belief of “There is not enough money. It is hard to make money.”

No wonder our manifestations are never clear cut.

We need to get to the root cause of why we think there is not enough money and change that if we truly want to experience the infinite abundance of the universe.