Intention & Frequency – How to Transform Harmful Artificial Technologies

In this video I explain how I believe our innate human intentions and desires became manifest as harmful artificial technologies, based on our collective low frequency.

* How could our collective ideas of separation and judgement be involved in creating these technologies?

* What could the new organic technologies look like that might replace these harmful technologies as we raise our frequency?

* What if WE are the new technology!

Here is the audio transcript:

Yesterday I saw a great video from Magenta Pixie – it was a transmission from The Nine – and one of the things she talked about was differences in technology, and a transition from an artificial technology to an organic technology. Since I watched this video I’ve had a lot of insights and have a different way of looking at this that I thought others might be interested in.

Before I get into the technology part I just want to cover something that I see as basic to this – which is that if we look at how we create our reality it is basically:


Technology is part of the 3D form and matter around us, so our intention into those technologies, and our frequency, is what creates them.

First I’m going to talk about 6 basic human intentions:

  • Connection
  • Knowledge
  • Abundance
  • Health
  • Joy
  • Creation

and how each intention could be taken with a lower frequency to create the artificial technologies that we currently have.

If we start with the first thing that I think most significantly affects the collective consciousness frequency is the idea of separation. It’s the idea that there is something outside of us that we need, and if we look at all our current artificial technologies we can see they were all indeed created from that frequency of separation.

Let’s start with the example of the intention of CONNECTION – if we take the human innate desire for connection and we turn that into something outside of ourselves that becomes an artificial technology like 5G. It’s a technology of communication and connection around the whole globe that ties all humans together. We want that connection, but the technology is the way that is has become manifest with our current vibration.

Let’s take KNOWLEDGE – if knowledge is outside of us what technologies and systems does that create? It creates things like the Internet. The internet is now the place you can go to for all knowledge, but it’s outside of ourselves. We can also add to this category our education system. Our education system is where we are going to someone else to get our knowledge from an expert or guru.

ABUNDANCE is an interesting one – the theory behind abundance is that we should each have everything that we need in our daily lives to survive and thrive. What does that look like as a technology when it’s put outside of us, that someone else has to give to us? It becomes money. It becomes agriculture. Instead of getting food from nature around us, somebody else has to ‘create’ this food for us to eat. And also use technologies like GMO to enhance our agriculture so there is more of it. All of these are taking abundance outside of ourselves, instead of us creating it ourselves.

Let’s take HEALTH – health as a technology created outside us becomes our medical system – that there is an expert or a guru outside of us who can fix us or heal us. We can also add vaccines or pharmaceuticals here – they are things we take form outside of us to heal us (apparently!)

What about JOY – what does joy look like when it comes from something outside of us. There are a of of technologies we can add here – addictions, drugs gambling, materialism… The list here goes on and on with these external things that supposedly provide us with joy.

The final item on the list as a natural human intention is CREATION – the ability to create something. I think that’s part of our innate intelligence to want to create. If we say the creator is outside of us – and we know that it’s our mind that actually creates – then that means it’s something else that’s controlling our minds. So if it’s outside of us we might say there is some kind of mind control going on. There is some type of external thing that is giving us information in order to be able to create our lives. We might see here things like the media or politics – systems that are giving us information we use to create our lives.

So now we can see how we have all these human intentions turned into artificial technologies outside ourselves – so we have basically dis-empowered ourselves and given away our power to someone else to create these things for us.

The other interesting thing here is if we look at what contributes to the frequencies behind these technologies – is what I am going to call the frequency of ‘violence’. That may sound a little extreme but if you think about the stuff that goes in your head most of the time it can generally be classified as violence. I’m calling it something extreme because it’s so subtle and become so normalised – I’m not even sure we’re aware of it.

As an example, in our day to day live we are always judging, we are always criticising – ‘That thing’s bad’, ‘That thing’s wrong’, ‘That person did something bad’, ‘I’m a victim’, ‘That shouldn’t be that way’, ‘That person’s evil’ – whatever it is that is actually constant violence against another living entity. An even more subtle form of this is the violent thoughts we have about ourselves – ‘There’s something wrong with me’, ‘I’m a bad person’, ‘I’m inadequate’, ‘I’m doing something wrong’ – those thoughts are actually violence towards ourselves.

We don’t realise that when there is a frequency of violence, what it actually creates in the world of matter and form around us is some type of violence or harm. When you look at these artificial technologies I think you’ll agree that most of these have been linked with some type of harm. There are a lot of ‘conspiracy theories’ about the harm that can be cause by some of these technologies – eg addictions, money, and even the harm from our medical system.

So if you put together these human intentions and you give it the frequency of separation and dis-empowerment, and violence or harm, then you end up with these artificial technologies – it’s a perfect match for our collective frequency. It’s perfect, it couldn’t have been engineered any better.

The interesting thing is how this becomes problematic – it loops in on itself, because if we don’t think we create our own reality when we do, and we’ve handed over our power to these technologies to create if or us, and really they are just creating our intentions based on our lower frequency – then it just gets worse and worse and spirals in and gets more harmful, more negative and it’s really difficult to work out how to get out of it.

I think that’s what a lot of people are struggling with at the moment – they see all this harmful artificial technology and ask themselves how on earth are we going to get out of this? Well the good news is. we already have the intention so all we need to do is change our focus and our frequency – how can we take back our power? And instead of thinking about separation, how can we think in terms of unity, and how can we think about switching our thoughts of violence against others and ourselves back to being about love, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude – all of those things that have always been part of the spiritual path.

What I want to finish with is when we are able to do that collectively and shift our frequency, what might a new organic human technology look like? What can artificial technologies morph into to match the higher frequency?

Let’s take the intention of CONNECTION – with a higher frequency – instead of 5G – what we end up with is something like telepathy. Where we are all connected and we can all communicate with each other. That is much more unifying.

Now let’s look at KNOWLEDGE – what happens when we don’t need to go to external things for knowledge? Well it would mean connecting to all the information in the universe ourselves, whether it’s the akashic records, or using our third eye, or connecting to source. It’s interesting to reflect on the internet – every piece of information is on this little device that you carry with you – it doesn’t matter where you are, the information is in the ether around us, so instead of us needing the technology of a phone to access that energy/information that is everywhere, we’re basically using ourselves as the technology to be able to do directly to the source and get whatever we need to know.

Next is ABUNDANCE – instead of having go to outside sources to get things we need like food, we know that nature will provide everything that we need. And instead of having to have debt-based money, instead we end up with the principle of give and receive. I don’t know what that looks like but that must be a much nicer technology.

Let’s look at HEALTH – when we take back our empowerment about our physical body then we can heal ourselves. And we have a deep trust in our body that it knows exactly what to do.

What does JOY look like – instead of having all these things and technologies around us that we think we need to make us happy, we realise that the experience of life is what can make us happy, and living in each moment. Living in the moment is where we find our joy, no matter what the experience is!

And finally CREATION – we realise that we are the creators, and instead of having external systems telling our minds what to create, we have control of our own mind. We realise that we are sovereign beings, we get to control what we think and feel, and when we get to that place and we know that we put out a higher frequency, we will create technologies where WE are the technology. We won’t need a middleman, and our technologies will be from a place of unity and love, and what I see as the development of a new human organism.

No longer will we be just individual humans, but humans working together as one organism to collectively create a brand new world!

So I hope you found that interesting. I got a lot out of these insights into changing technology. I realised that it’s not about pushing back against these artificial technologies that we currently have – because they are absolutely perfect, we created them whether we realise it or not – it’s actually about focusing on these new human organic technologies that we want to create, taking control of our own minds and taking control of our frequency. It’s about taking these beautiful innate human intentions and turning them into something that works for everyone for the greater good, and for this beautiful new Gaia that we are creating.