Memory and Imagination are just “senses”

We are all so familiar with our 5 senses. We are so familiar with these because they shape our outside world. What we sense feels real so these senses cannot be denied.

But what is a “sense”? It is really just a filter. It is a way of turning energy wavelengths, frequencies and amplitudes into something tangible. Colour is just energy of a certain wavelength, as is sound, and as are the physical objects all around us.

I recently bought a new guitar tuner. The tuners I had had in past were those you could put on the table in front of you and they would respond to the “sound” of the guitar – however I was confused when my new tuner would not detect anything at all when on the table in front of me. Was it broken? Did it need new batteries?

Then I clipped it onto the guitar itself and it worked! This tuner was not responding to “sound”, but to the underlying energy frequency that produced the sound. A different way of receiving the same thing!

In the same way we can filter the energy around us in many different ways – and our 5 senses are just a small part of our abilities.

Energy transcends time and space. In other words everything that ever has, or ever will, exist is in the energy around and inside us NOW. Everything.

So “memory” is just a way of filtering or sensing the energy that we perceive to be from our past experience.

And “imagination” is just a way of filtering or sensing the energy that we perceive to be from our future.

But really it all exists now.

And here’s the big prize – there are INFINITE potentials of past and future timelines energetically out there! We get to choose what we want to filter and experience!

It seems fairly clear how we could do this with the future – because we think it “hasn’t happened yet” – so we can choose what we would like to happen with our imagination.

But it is harder to get our head around the fact that we can choose a different past – and therefore alter our memories…

What if our past memories are created from our choices NOW? What if for this collective illusion of time and cause and effect to exist, the memory must explain the present?

What if our beliefs, thoughts and emotions TODAY create our memories?

Let me give you an example – I have a vague recollection that I was extremely depressed (and somewhat suicidal) during my 20’s and 30’s – but it is very blurry. I have changed so much – my current beliefs are that I am happy and at peace – so those memories of a depressed me do not even seem real to me anymore. Was it really that bad I find myself asking?

In some ways I think the memories of the old me are only kept alive because I use them as a tool in my work with clients. If I didn’t do that work I wonder if the memories would come into my awareness at all!

Instead I find myself remembering awesome and amazing things that happened throughout my life.

Because these reflect what I feel today.