Moving from 3D to 5D and why we can’t just wait for The Event

In this video I explain my thoughts on the differences between 3D, 4D and 5D and how we can identify which dimension we are in.

I also talk about why I believe that we can’t just wait around for “The Event” to move us permanently from 3D to 5D…

Here is the audio transcript:

There’s a lot of information out there on the differences between these dimensions so I thought I would do a video on my take and why I think they are different and also come up with some ideas about how to work out what dimension we are in at any one time because we are moving between them all the time in these bridging times.

The other thing I really wanted to talk about as part of this is that there is a lot of discussion out there are the moment about how there is going to be some grand solar flash or some event that’s going to trigger an ascension that permanently moves us into 5D, so I wanted to talk about my belief about that and why I don’t think it’s going to happen exactly as some of the other information out there suggests.

First of all let’s talk about the differences between 3D, 4D and 5D. I’m going to use the analogy of a movie theatre to try to explain the differences the way that I see them.

In 3D we are “in a movie”. We are immersed in this movie and we have no clue that it’s a movie because we think that it’s reality and we think that there is this one truth which is this movie we are in. And we are immersed in it – emotionally, mentally – we can’t see anything outside of this movie.

And the other interesting thing about this movie is that we think the movie is the cause of everything that happens inside of us. All of our emotions and thoughts come from the movie.

The other aspect about the movie is that we also have very strong judgements about this movie. as we’re immersed in it we’re judging people or scenarios as good or bad, and that’s all we do in this movie is judge.

So to summarise, in 3D we think the movie is cause, there is one truth and we judge. These are my 3 things to identify if you are in 3D: you think the movie is doing something to you, you think there is only this movie and no other movie, and there are judgements of things in the movie being good or bad.

If you want more information about judgements and duality in 3D, I have another video that explains this a bit better:

So before we get to 4D I’m going to put in an intermediate step which is we WAKE UP. SO before we get to 4D we start think there is something that is not quite right with the movie – there’s something a little bit weird about it – and what happens in this wake up phase is that we start to question the truth. We start to question reality and we start to question this movie that we’re in.

For many people this questioning of the truth can send you down the “truther” route which is questioning everything from flat earth to new world order to whatever it is that is something different to the truth in the movie.

So the first step is waking up and when we wake up it is very hard to go back to sleep and back into 3D although some people do, but generally what happens is the person moves into 4D.

4D is an intermediate step between 3D and 5D and I’m going to break it down into 3 phases because I think it can help us to identify where we are in these dimensions.

The first step in 4D is likened to “watching the movie”. Suddenly you find yourself instead of being in the movie, you’re sitting in a seat watching the movie. And you realise there are all these other people watching the movie as well. It can be a bit disconcerting because your starting to see that you’re watching this movie and everyone’s responding to this movie as if that’s all there is, but you’re in this theater and you’re wondering what else is there as it doesn’t seem quite right.

And at this point you may even be looking at the people in the movie theatre who are also watching this movie and you’re asking them “Does this feel right to you?” “What if there’s another movie?” or “Can we change this movie?” And at that point the people who are back in 3D are just saying “what are you talking about? You’re crazy!”. They can’t even understand that you have stepped a little bit outside of the movie.

So that’s the first step in 4D. The other thing I want to point out is as we move through 4D we still have the movie as cause – we still feel emotions based on the movie. We’re still judging what’s going on in the movie – we haven’t been able to remove ourself enough because we’re still in the movie theatre in our seat and it’s still in our face. We just realise we’re watching it.

But the one thing that does start to change here in 4D is we start to question truth. So that’s a big step – we’re starting to think that there’s something else going on here that I don’t know about.

The second step in 4D is where we move to the back of the movie theatre. We actually get out of our seat and we realise there are other people at the back of the theatre, and they’re not watching the movie all the time. They’re talking about other stuff – like “Where is this movie coming from?” and “Who’s projecting it?”. There’s a whole lot of people at the back who realise they are watching a movie and have left their seats and they’re trying to work it out amongst themselves.

So at this point we’re at the back of the theatre, we’re still seeing the movie as cause of our emotions as we are still in the movie theatre. We’re still judging everything that happens in the movie, and we’re still questioning the truth here.

That’s the second step of 4D. The third step of 4D is where we actually try to understand the movie. So we’re looking at the movie and we’re asking ourselves how this movie works. Can we change the movie? Is there another movie? Are there more movie theatres? we are trying to understand what on Earth is going on.

So what starts to happen now after we have been on this path long enough is that we start to understand that actually the movie isn’t the cause. And we start to realise that our inner world is the cause. But at this point it’s really only theory. We’re finding out about the Law of Attraction, so we realise we have some influence over the movie. But at the moment it’s really all theory and we don’t know how it all works.

But the important thing that happens at this point is – although we are still judging as we haven’t been able to remove ourselves from the movie totally – that we are starting to work on our awareness. We are starting to become aware of our inner world because we’re starting to understand that our inner world is projecting this movie onto the screen.

This is what I call “The Work”. This is what we came here to do.

In my other video (see link above) I talked about how to integrate all the different aspects and archetypes of being human so that we can choose, as opposed to judging. And this is where we might doing personal growth or spiritual growth, but really at the end of the day what this means is that we understand we are the cause of the movie, and we realise that the way out is to stop judging the movie.

We are starting to question why we judge. We are starting to understand that it is our judgements about the movie that keep the movie in place.

The third step of 4D is a huge step and where most people spend all of their time – understanding the movie. And I’m going to liken that to being in the projector room.  You can see all these other movie reels and you can see the movie projector but you just don’t know how to change the reel. So what we are learning to do in this step is change the projection.

Then that brings us to 5D. In 5D we are not judging. We have stopped judging the 3D movie. We understand fully that the inner world is the cause. And we don’t even have to do “The Work” anymore because at this point we have become neutral. When we stop judging we become neutral – divine neutrality. This allows us to choose instead of coming from a place of reaction and judgement.

In 5D we have left the movie theatre. We realise there are all these other movies and we realise that there are multiple truths. There i snot one truth and we understand that every fracture of consciousness – which is a person – has their own version of truth and all of these versions of truth exist simultaneously, so we can see that everything is in divine and perfect order, exactly as it should be.

And we understand that the movie we are seeing is a perfect reflection of our frequency which is our inner world. Our feelings, our thoughts and our beliefs attract the movie to us like a magnet. As they do for each other person and the somehow there’s this magical orchestration of all of these movies coming together so they match perfectly to all the different actor’s frequencies – which is quite hard to get your head around.

We realise there are multiple truths and multiple movies all going on at the same time. And because we’re in a place of divine neutrality we let everyone else’s movies take place because we understand that it’s a perfect match for who they are, without judgement.

And instead we focus on our own movie. In 5D we get to be the scriptwriter, director, producer and actor of our own movie!

So there’s a couple of take home points that I really want to focus on. The first one is that the only way we can create 5D is by changing our inner world. It’s the only way. And the thing you realise when you understand that is that if we think there’s going to be a solar flash or an event that’s going to magically take us from 3D to 5D, what we’ve done is we’ve stepped back into 3D and we’re thinking that the movie is the cause.

We’re thinking that there is a solar flash in the movie – in the projection on the screen – that is going to change us internally. I don’t believe it can work like that because we know now that our inner world is the cause.

So my understand is that it works backwards. When we have our frequency to a level of 5D then we will be able to observe the 5D movie which might be a solar flash or some sort of cosmic or planetary event that we don’t yet know about. But we’re only going to be able to be part of that event and have that as our movie if our frequency matches it.

So that’s why “The Work” is so important. We can’t bypass “The Work” because we can’t be saying something is going to just happen that will change us. Because we have to change us because we are the ones creating the New Earth in 5D.

I believe that we have to do that in our individual lives. We have to make our house, our family, our community 5D in order for the Earth to become 5D. So really the responsibility for creating the 5D Earth lies with each of us, doing our work, and not stepping back into 3D and thinking someone else is going to do it for us.

To summarise, I believe to view a 5D movie of “event” we need to be vibrating (mostly) at a 5D frequency.

How can we tell what our frequency is?

By the quality of the movie we are projecting/watching.

If we don’t like our movie then we have some work to do if we want to be able to view the 5D New Earth “movie”.

I hope this was helpful, and I hope this gives you a new way to look at these dimensions and what we are here as humans to do to create the New Earth.