I re-call my natural multi-dimensional abilities and my state of grace and perfection.

I re-call my connection to source and what I am here to do.

It is empowering to speak my truth.

I read programming, see The Matrix, see timelines of past and future possibilities.

I re-call All That I Am and All That I Am Here To Do.

I am re-calling more and more in every moment.

Every morning when I wake I reinsert myself into The Matrix. I love this life and this experience and every moment.

I let go and surrender more and more, trusting what is happening is exactly as it should be – letting go of illusions, false beliefs, limitations and fears.

Expanding perception, evolving, growing.

Following inspiration and excitement, trusting, knowing it is all perfect. So blessed to be a catalyst and have woken up – an agent of transformation.

There is nothing I have to do or change. Everything is perfect just as it is, and unfolds as it does.

I re-call my abilities and gifts, my birthright, my mission, my connection.

No more forcing or trying, just trust and relax and see what happens.

And take inspired action as a result of what I have already created as the greatest version of myself I have imagined.