The body always knows what is happening

It’s funny. Logically we can understand that our thoughts create our reality, but the implications of this concept continue to emerge in my mind and I never cease to be amazed by these!

I have been reading The Seth Book: The Nature of Personal Reality and I have summarised my understanding of a discussion in the book about how our body knows how to respond the the outside world. And it has nothing to do with our senses.

  • Our beliefs lead to our thoughts. As an example if we believe the world is an unsafe place then we will have thoughts such as “this or that is dangerous.”
  • Our thoughts lead to imaginings. Taking the above example further, this person would then imagine unsafe and dangerous events happening in their mind’s eye – eg a car accident.
  • Our thoughts and imaginings lead to emotions. The person who thinks they are unsafe will feel fear.
  • The body transmits this energy. The body is constantly transmitting the energy behind our beliefs, thoughts, imagining and emotions via our DNA and these act like a magnet.
  • The idea will become manifested. The car accident will be created in the person’s reality.
  • The body responds to the stressful event. The response by the body is actually instantaneous. How does this happen?

The reason it happens is because the body is connected intimately with the probability field and guess what – the body created the event!! It was transmitting the energy that created it so of course it “knew” what was going to happen before/at the time it happened. It doesn’t need us to sense it with our 5 senses, or even with out intuition. It already knows.

So it can prepare and respond perfectly for the event that we just co-created.