The Lockdown: A human body goes into lockdown over a virus

The doctor looked perplexed. “I can’t explain why your lungs are so bad. You have a low-level virus, but that can’t explain why your lungs are not functioning properly…” Dave sighed. He had had this lung issue for 2 weeks now. It had started as a virus – he had shaken that off now – but his lungs were still terrible and seemed to be deteriorating. He couldn’t breathe properly and he had no energy. He was mostly bedridden and unable to work.

The doctor had done a lot of tests and tried various medications but nothing had worked.  “Let’s give you another week and see if it improves. If it gets worse, come back and see me.”


The lung cells had just voted to go into lockdown.

It all started 2 weeks ago when a new virus was discovered in a part of the lungs. A few of the older cells had become sick and they had heard that some had even died, and so a general panic had started. “What are we going to do?” “How are we going to stop it?” “We are going to die!” The fear was contagious and quickly spread around the lungs. Many cells were still trying to go about life as normal as they didn’t think this was a threat – there had been other viruses before and they had gotten through it – but most of the cells became frantic.

The panic worsened as a few cells decided to disconnect from all the other cells. The cells in the lungs were usually all connected – their membranes bumping up against each other so they could share resources and eliminate waste. Their resources came from The Great Red River – no one really knew from where or how – but that is the way it had always been. And their waste went back to the same place, mysteriously disappeared and kept their environment healthy and clean. In that way they had everything they needed.

The cells had a purpose to fulfill too – the great breath filled them with many gases and their job was to separate the oxygen from the other gases and send it down The Great Red River. They didn’t know why, but they all knew that without fulfilling this purpose they would have no energy.

The cells had to be connected to be able to fulfill their purpose. They had to stay connected for sharing of resources, removal of waste and most importantly for being able to efficiently send oxygen down The Great Red River.

So as some cells started separating, they were no longer able to share resources or perform their function as efficiently, but many cells were still getting on with their job of separating oxygen. But things changed when an older cell in their local region was infected with the virus and died. A huge panic spread through the lungs and the only solution the fearful cells could come up with was to disconnect fully from each other as it seemed this was how the virus was spread.

So the decision was made to go into lockdown – it was not unanimous by any means – but was forced from the majority.

The cells all withdrew and disconnected from each other. “Disconnect and save lives!” the calls came from the lungs. And the cells who did not want to disconnect had no choice. Although they had a trust that everything was going to be OK, they were now being policed by the other cells. If they tried to connect with another cell to give them resources they were ostracised. “Disconnect or die!” was the clarion call.

A few days later the health of the lungs started to suffer greatly. Although they had not seen any increase in the virus many of the lung cells had stopped functioning. They no longer had shared access to resources and energy, and were starting to feel exhausted. They were not sending much oxygen down The Great Red Road at all, and waste was starting to build up in the lungs. Many of the previously healthy cells started getting sick. Many of the cells knew that this was because they had disconnected, but the fear of reconnecting and succumbing to the virus was still greater.

Eventually some of the previously healthy cells started dying and the cells started fighting amongst themselves. “We must reconnect!” said some of the rebels. “No No! The virus!” yelled the others. This continued for many days. Some cells trying to reconnect and being ostracised and even punished. Others screaming in fear that the virus must be stopped.

Then all of a sudden it happened. All the cells descended into silence, sobbing and exhausted. “What are we going to do!?” “There is no hope!”

Sofia the elder had been silent throughout the whole event. She had been observing from the background – her own health suffering as she watched the cells panic and fight. But now she stepped forward with confidence and authority.

“There is a solution” she said, “but many of you may not like it.”

“We’ll try anything!!” the cells answered in despair.

Sofia began.

“There is a great force, a power, that we do not understand. The Analytical Ones call it the Force of Nature, The Religious Ones call it God. It flows through all of us and if we trust it and surrender to it, everything always seems to work out in the end. Cells are born and cells die. We never know when or how, but this is the nature of life. And if we surrender to this force and have faith in it – let life take its natural course – sometimes miracles happen.

“All our old stories contain the myth of miracles. Where a natural event happened – like a virus or a flood – and something from beyond stepped in to heal us.

“The only way to open to this healing is to let go of the need to control the virus. To reconnect and let nature take its course. To not live in fear of dying, because ultimately all will die anyway. To live our lives fully, fulfilling our great purpose with courage, peace and care for our community. To be OK with not knowing what is going to happen, but still having a deep trust that it will all be OK, just as it always has been before.”

The exhausted and sick cells had lost all hope but now they saw a glimmer of hope. Maybe there was something in this. Deciding to disconnect to save cells had ironically killed many healthy cells. A murmur started around the lungs – the cells who had never wanted to disconnect in the first place became more vocal: “What we are doing is not working! We need to reconnect! It is the only way we can get what we need to survive!”

And with that the exhausted cells decided to reconnect – it was not unanimous by any means – but was forced from the majority.

The cells began to expand again and slowly let their membranes touch each other. “Connect and live!” the new call came from the lungs.

As the cells began to slowly connect wonderful things began to happen, resources and energy started to flow between the cells again and they started to feel better. Waste started to be removed and the environment became much healthier and cleaner. Some of the cells started feeling so good that they stepped into their purpose once again and began separating oxygen and sending it down The Great Red Road.

And yes, the virus was there. But it was nothing like they had forecast and predicted. It was the older cells who seemed to be affected the worst… and some of them did die.

Sofia comforted their friends and family “It is the way of nature. It is how it has always been and always will be.”

Then one night a miracle happened! A few cells only saw glimpses of shadows as they rested in the dark, but the story is that many large, translucent, white-coloured cells arrived from The Great Red Road. These beautiful cells swept silently through the lungs absorbing the virus into their bodies, and taking those who had passed from the virus with them as they then departed on The Great Red Road as quickly as they had arrived.

When the cells woke in the morning the virus was gone! The lungs were healed! And new, vibrant cells had stepped in to take the place of the older cells who had passed from the virus. These young cells were energetic and eager to fulfil their purpose, and the energy in the lungs started to increase rapidly.

Sofia smiled. And watching the healthy, happy cells she said softly to no one in particular,

“It is only when we give up the idea that we can control anything in nature… When we stop living in fear and surrender to the amazing process of life… Care for each other as best we can… Have a deep trust that everything will be OK… That there is a force beyond us that we don’t understand… And connect to each other…

“…That we can thrive.”


Dave entered the Doctor’s office with excitement “Doc, you will never guess what happened. A miracle happened! I don’t know how or why, but my lungs totally healed! Not only that but they seem to be working better than ever!”

Dave continued. “You know deep down I KNEW everything was going to be OK. I wasn’t afraid. I spent a lot of time trying to stay calm and peaceful even though I was afraid. And I think that really helped…”

As above, so below.


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